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The following companies and institutions are participating in the LVNS FOREST PROJECT cand have formed a team to work on this project.


ACSL develops domestically produced industrial drones to reduce manpower and unmanned operations in existing field of industry. In particular, we are especially strong in our proprietary control technology that achieves autonomous flight and high performance, security, and reliablity, and will explore new ways of utilizing “autonomous tree-planting systems with drones” through this project. We aim to realize a sustainable society in which people and science and technology are in harmony by planting trees and maintaining forests quickly and effectively in wide and wildness areas where it is difficult to reach by people.


Since its establishment as a pump manufacturer in 1912, EBARA has been committed to the future of people, society, and the environment through “monozukuri” (manufacturing; direct translation: creating things). We are actively working to reduce CO2 emissions, improve the efficiency of water infrastructure, develop technologies to utilize hydrogen energy, and preserve water sources for the creation of a sustainable society, and last year we declared our goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. As a company that supports social infrastructure, we are committed to supporting the development of Southeast Asia and working with local people to contribute to infrastructure development in harmony with the environment. We will embody our founding spirit of “Netsu to Makoto” (Passion and Dedication) and accelerate our efforts to solve the problems of reforestation and water shortage through this project to create new businesses.


KOBASHI HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. is committed to solving global issues to pass on a richer life and the earth to the next generation under the philosophy of “Cultivating the Earth”. In order to regenerate the dwindling forests, we will utilize our technology that has been cultivated for over 100 years in the fields of agriculture and manufacturing to support the development and manufacturing of seeding drones — from its design, to prototyping, and even mass production. We will enrich forests, which are irreplaceable for mankind, and contribute to building a sustainable social system in which forests and mankind can coexist.

Sagri Co., Ltd

Sagri is working to solve issues in the global agricultural and environmental fields through a data platform that combines satellite data, AI technology, and plotting technology under the vision of “achieving coexistence between humans and the Earth”. In India and other countries, we are also working on carbon farming, and are accelerating our efforts toward the realization of carbon credits. In this Forest Project, Sagri will contribute to the establishment of earth- and people-friendly forest agriculture by utilizing the technologies and know-how it has cultivated so far, and realize sustainable livelihoods for the people living there.


Since its establishment in 2007, JEPLAN has been working on and achieving the circulation of clothing and PET bottles by utilizing its proprietary chemical recycling technology. However, while recycling can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, it cannot reduce them to zero, or achieve carbon neutrality. We are very excited about the possibility of producing carbon neutral T-shirts and carbon neutral PET bottles that do not emit CO2 by combining this project and JEPLAN's circulation, and we believe that we can demonstrate the potential of this fusion to society.


Understanding that the earth's resources are finite and believing that a recycling-oriented economic system based on Japan's “mottainai spirit” (spirit of recognizing what's wasteful and preventing it) should be revived, we are working to promote the use of wood products with a focus on wood recycling. We aim to achieve local wood production for local consumption and forest industry revival by encouraging the systematic manufacturing of products using old cedar wood stockpiled in each region and supporting development in terms of manufacturing. Through this project, we hope to expand this initiative not only to Japan but also to other parts of the world that face challenges in reforestation and wood use, and to build a global recycling model from Japan.


We have been consistently engaged in textile business since our establishment in 1887 with a big dream of “Changing the world with [raw] materials!” Utilizing our 136 years of experience in developing and manufacturing various fiber materials, we will support the development of seed balls using biodegradable fiber materials in this project. We believe that this project will not only enrich forests around the world, but can also be applied to agriculture to build a bright and prosperous future.

East Japan Railway Company

As part of its ESG management practices, JR-East has formulated “Energy Vision 2027” and is working to realize a sustainable society. In our Shinagawa Development Project which is based on the concept of “Global Gateway,” we have been positioning the entire city as an experimental playground where we create ways to lead a fulfilled life a century into the future, and have been aiming for it to become a base of global interaction that continuously inspires the birth of new culture and business. We participated in this project in order to create a city that absorbs CO2, and through these efforts, we will work to create a city that will improve the future of the earth.


Aiming to build a sustainable society, our Group has launched initiatives to promote the use of domestic timber and to visualize the productive capacity and environmental conservation functions of forests. We are thrilled to be able to work toward the global-scale solutions that this project aims for by combining the digital capabilities that we have cultivated to date with the strengths and technologies of like-minded individuals.

Focus Systems Corporation

Afforestation activities are taking place all over the world for environmental conservation and reforestation. However, there is much to manage in order to regenerate a forest once lost, as it requires soil modification and proper management after planting. The difficulty of regeneration lies in the fact that it is not enough to simply plant trees. By utilizing Focus Systems’ strength and expertise in IT, we will be collaborating with forest and plant researchers in the academia to contribute not only in reforestation, but also in the realization of a sustainable social system in which people and the environment are in harmony.

Euglena Co., Ltd.

In 2005, we succeeded incultivating a large amount of microalgae Euglenacultivating a large amount of microalgae Euglena outdoors for edible purposes for the first time in the world on Ishigaki Island, whrere has many climatic and geographical similarities with the Philippines. In recent years, we have also been involved in various projects, including the introduction of biofuels in drone flight demonstrations, ships and cars on the island. Furthermore, in Malaysia, a country neighboring the Philippines, we are taking on the big challenge of commercializing biofuels with the aim of solving climate change. We recognize that deforestation is a big issue that needs to be resolved, and we will make the most of our previous experiences to contribute to this project. In the future, let us: Japan, the Philippines, and ASEAN work as one to implement innovations in society and solve issues together.

ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

With the desire to “aim for the realization of society with well-being,” we have been working on problem-solving businesses such as recycling-based agriculture and food business in addition to our existing businesses. Nowadays, the value of goods alone does not necessarily lead to people's happiness and prosperity, and it is necessary to create a new economic cycle that also takes into consideration the well-being of the natural environment and local communities. As a declaration toward such a future, Rohto has set forth a comprehensive management vision, “Connect for Well-being,” and has fostered a spirit of continually taking on challenging issues that exceed the frame of perceiced wisdom and are of high difficulty. In this project, we will take on the challenge of changing the world from Japan and Southeast Asia by realizing a grand future of a society in which both forests and people can live with “well-being”.

Galansiyang, Inc.

we are a Philippine venture that uses drone and seedball technology to bring back our forests. However, our team knows that our technology is still very rough and raw. To improve on what we are doing, we would like to positively push for the collaboration between Japan and the Philippines(until ASEAN),as we know that Japan is the best in the technology development and manufacturing in the world. Japanese tech can be expensive but it is useful, durable, and high quality. We would like to team up with universities, ventures, and corporations in Japan to make this place a better world, starting with creating more greenery.

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